Buying Property in Malta

BENESTATES has a fully computerised network of offices strategically located across Malta and Gozo providing our esteemed customers an extensive and up-to-date database of commercial and residential properties for sale throughout Malta & Gozo. As a responsible and experienced Real Estate Agency, we do our utmost to assist those seeking holistic professional Maltese real estate services. Our sales associates are always ready to provide you with the highest quality of service that you deserve.

Before you begin your actual search for a property, we suggest you consider the following:

  • Purchasing to lease or to live in?
  • Location preference?
  • Type of property that interests you?
  • Size (internal/ external area) to best accommodate your needs for the foreseeable future?
  • Are you looking for modern house design or one with traditional character?
  • The services and amenities you require?
  • Your property budget and how will you finance your purchase?

Our buying procedure is simple & straightforward, designed to protect both buyers & sellers. Most locals are bilingual & legal documents can be made available in either English or Maltese. We will assist you throughout the entire process to buy a property.

Property For Sale in Malta

Letting Property in Malta

BENESTATES’ extensive database caters for all kinds of properties ranging from the basic necessities, to the most luxurious of homes. Our team of letting property consultants are highly experienced and all associates strive to meet our clients’ requirements as efficiently and effectively as possible. You are guaranteed to find something to meet and most likely exceed your expectations.

We boast a very large, established database of residential & commercial properties both for short & long lets (over 6-months), which include apartments, maisonettes, houses of character, farmhouses and villas. Our letting consultants will be able to accompany you to view a selection of properties. Tenants will be introduced to the landlord once a property has been identified and arrangements are made to sign the lease agreement.

Our team will make every effort to ensure a trouble free tenancy and assist the tenant to settle in. Some things to consider when looking for your new home:

  • Do you need access to schools or other amenities?
  • Would you prefer a quiet rural surrounding or enjoy the hustle and bustle of urban living?
  • How many bedrooms do you need?
  • Know what your budget is.
  • Areas you would like to live in?
  • Do you require an outside area or a garage?

Refining your list of necessities will narrow your options down. Once this process is done, your letting consultant will be able to professionally pinpoint the properties that best suit your needs, making your search for a property fast & easy.

Property To Let in Malta

Commercial Properties in Malta – Corporate Business

BENESTATES has worked hard to position ourselves as specialists in this sector of the market; especially in the wake of the boom of international companies & institutions now operating out of Malta. Our real estate agents are trained to provide corporate clients with a one-stop-shop for all the corporate services required when buying a commercial property in Malta.

With what is possibly the largest database of commercial properties available on the market, the company is in a position to offer a wide range of choices to suit any clients needs, not only location wise but also in size and amenities. Whether your request is for an office premises, retail outlets, catering establishments, warehouses or any other type of commercial property, it is advisable to seek help from a professional real estate agency. Let us do all the work for you.

Commercial Properties Currently Available

Holiday Homes

If Malta is your holiday destination this year, our team will help you find the perfect property to accommodate you and your family. We have various property types available for short rent, from one bedroom apartments to highly furnished villas or houses of character.

Holiday Homes in Malta

Luxury Properties in Malta

For clientele looking for an investment in luxury property BENESTATES has designated property consultants that specialise in luxury properties across Malta and Gozo. We can assist with properties ranging from Palazzo’s, Special Designated Areas to Highly Converted Houses of Character, you are sure to find the right property with us.

Relocation Services to Malta

Malta is one of Europe’s safest countries, with great weather, government incentives for businesses, the opportunity to get an EU citizenship and more.

The beauty and tranquil lifestyle in Malta is within reach for all with flexible laws regarding expatriates looking to lease or buy property in Malta. Foreigners coming to Malta, be it to work, retire or to take up residency on the island, are guaranteed to find a property that meets and exceeds their expectations.

If you are relocating to Malta as an individual, with a company or if you are a business person looking to set-up in Malta, contact us to find out more about the possibilities of setting up business in Malta. BENESTATES can assist you and point you in the right direction.

Property Management

Property management & maintenance services are provided on request. BENESTATES has a number of local and foreign clients using our services on a case-by-case request.

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