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Types of Properties To Buy In Malta & Gozo

Malta offers a diverse range of property types, catering to various preferences and budgets. Here are some common types of properties you can buy in Malta:


  • Standard Apartments: Typically found in urban areas, these are suitable for individuals, couples, or small families.
  • Luxury Apartments: High-end apartments often located in prestigious areas or developments, offering premium amenities.
  • Penthouse Apartments: Situated on the top floors, these often include large terraces and panoramic views.


    • Ground Floor Maisonettes: Similar to apartments but with a private entrance and sometimes a small garden or yard.
    • Duplex Maisonettes: Spread over two floors, offering more space and often including private outdoor areas.


    • Traditional Maltese homes, often characterized by their unique architectural features like Maltese balconies, stone walls, and patterned tiles.


    • Detached Villas: Standalone properties with private gardens, pools, and sometimes sea views.
    • Semi-Detached Villas: Sharing one wall with a neighboring property but still offering private amenities.

    Terraced Houses

    • Row houses that share side walls with adjacent houses, typically with multiple floors and sometimes with small gardens, courtyards, and/or roof terraces.


    • Often located in more rural areas, these properties offer rustic charm and larger plots of land. They can range from renovated homes to those needing restoration.


    • Grand, historic properties often found in older cities like Valletta. These can be expensive and require significant maintenance but offer a unique living experience.

    Gozo Farmhouses

    • Similar to Maltese farmhouses but located on Malta’s sister island, Gozo. They often feature traditional architecture and larger plots.

    Shell Form Properties

    • Properties that are structurally complete but unfinished inside, allowing buyers to customize the interior design and finish to their preferences.

    Commercial Properties

    • Retail Units: Shops and stores in high-traffic areas.
    • Office Spaces: Often in business districts or mixed-use developments.
    • Hospitality Properties: Hotels, guesthouses, or bed and breakfasts, catering to Malta’s robust tourism industry.

    New Developments

    • Modern, newly built properties in large residential projects, often offering a range of amenities like gyms, pools, and communal areas.

    Properties in Special Designated Areas (SDAs)

    • These areas allow non-Maltese residents to buy property with fewer restrictions. They often include luxury developments with high-end amenities. Read more about SDAs here.

    Key Considerations

    • Location: The choice of property type may depend on the desired location, such as urban areas like Sliema and St. Julian’s for apartments, or quieter areas like Mellieħa and Gozo for villas and farmhouses.
    • Purpose: Whether the property is for personal use, investment, or commercial purposes will influence the type of property chosen.
    • Budget: Properties range from affordable apartments to high-end villas and palazzos, catering to different financial capabilities.

    When considering purchasing property in Malta, it’s important to engage with local real estate agents and legal experts to navigate the market and regulatory requirements effectively.



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