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The Best Apartments for Sale in Malta: Top Picks for 2024

Malta, known for its stunning coastlines, rich history, and vibrant culture, offers a wide array of beautiful apartments for those looking to buy. Here, we highlight some of the best apartments for sale in Malta, considering factors like location, amenities, and investment potential.

1. Portomaso Marina, St. Julian’s

1.1 Features

Luxury Living:

Portomaso Marina offers some of the most luxurious apartments in Malta, with high-end finishes and state-of-the-art amenities.

Prime Location:

Situated in St. Julian’s, these apartments provide easy access to vibrant nightlife, fine dining, and high-end shopping.

Stunning Views:

Enjoy breathtaking views of the marina and the Mediterranean Sea.

Exclusive Amenities:

Residents have access to a private yacht marina, swimming pools, fitness centers, and 24/7 security.

1.2 Investment Potential

High Rental Demand:

St. Julian’s is a hotspot for tourists and expatriates, ensuring high rental yields.


Properties in this area have shown consistent appreciation over the years.

2. Tigné Point, Sliema

2.1 Features

Modern Design:

Tigné Point offers contemporary apartments with modern architecture and stylish interiors.

Seafront Living:

Located on the Sliema seafront, these apartments provide spectacular sea views and direct access to the promenade.

Comprehensive Amenities:

The development includes shopping centers, restaurants, cafes, and recreational facilities.

Secure Environment:

Tigné Point offers a gated community with top-notch security services.

2.2 Investment Potential

High Demand Area:

Sliema is one of Malta’s most sought-after residential areas, ensuring steady demand for rentals and resale.

Steady Appreciation:

Properties in Sliema have a history of strong value appreciation.

3. Fort Cambridge, Sliema

3.1 Features

Historic Charm:

Built within the historic Fort Cambridge, these apartments combine modern living with historical significance.

Luxurious Amenities:

Residents enjoy access to a communal swimming pool, fitness center, and landscaped gardens.
Spacious Living: The apartments are known for their spacious layouts and high-quality finishes.

Central Location:

Close to Sliema’s shopping district, restaurants, and the ferry to Valletta.

3.2 Investment Potential

Desirable Location:

Sliema’s central location makes it highly desirable for both local and foreign buyers.

Rental Market:

The area is popular among expatriates, making it a great option for rental investments.

4. The Shoreline, Smart City

4.1 Features

Innovative Development:

The Shoreline is part of Smart City, an innovative mixed-use development focusing on technology and sustainability.

Waterfront Living:

These apartments offer stunning views of the sea and the innovative lagoon area.

Modern Amenities:

The development includes a variety of retail outlets, restaurants, and recreational facilities.

Green Spaces:

Emphasis on sustainable living with landscaped parks and green areas.
Investment Potential

Future Growth:

As Smart City continues to develop, property values are expected to rise

Attractive to Tech Professionals:

The area is poised to attract professionals from the technology and innovation sectors.

5. Qawra Point , Qawra

5.1 Features

Coastal Charm:

Located in the coastal town of Qawra, these apartments offer beautiful sea views and a relaxed lifestyle.

Affordable Luxury:

Compared to central areas, Qawra Point offers more affordable luxury apartments.


The area is known for its family-friendly environment, with parks, playgrounds, and schools nearby.

Resort-Like Amenities:

Access to communal swimming pools, fitness centers, and other resort-style facilities.

5.2 Investment Potential

Growing Popularity:

Qawra is becoming increasingly popular among locals and foreigners looking for a quieter lifestyle.

Tourist Attraction:

Close proximity to tourist attractions ensures good rental returns during the holiday season.

To conclude, Malta offers a diverse range of apartments for sale, catering to different tastes and budgets. Whether you are looking for luxurious living in St. Julian’s, modern amenities in Sliema, historic charm in Fort Cambridge, innovative development in Smart City, or coastal charm in Qawra, Malta has something to offer. Investing in these prime locations not only ensures a high quality of life but also promises strong investment returns. Start exploring these top picks to find your perfect apartment in Malta today!



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