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Why is it important to build properties that are sustainable?

Sustainability is the future of almost every industry, and real estate is no exception. Conscientious and environmentally-aware people all around the world are aspiring to decrease their use of natural resources while concurrently reducing their carbon footprint.

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The United Nation’s 2021 Global Status Report for Building and Construction found that 27% of global energy-related CO2 emissions come from the operations of buildings. Once you add construction, the percentage goes up to 37%. This shows that the real estate sector will play a very important role in the future as far as sustainability goes.

Many governments and companies are setting carbon reduction goals so that they eventually become as carbon-neutral as possible. More and more laws and regulations are coming into force to ensure more sustainable real estate

Moreover, in the future, it is envisaged that more and more property owners and renters will look for and demand sustainable real estate.Emerging laws and regulations will also drive the shift towards more

What is sustainable real estate development? Well, in a nutshell, it blends environmentally-friendly design approaches and techniques, as well as materials and technologies into the building process. Rather than using materials which increase a property’s carbon footprint, its aim is to decrease the impact of said property on the environment.

Apart from aiding the environment, this technique may also allow homeowners to reduce operating costs, so it is very much a win-win situation. Some examples of sustainable real estate development are LED lighting, solar panels, insulation and energy and water-saving appliances, which, apart from having positive effects on the environment should also result in lower electricity and water bills, as well as better air quality and even improving the health of the people living in and in the vicinity of the property in question.

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